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Anyone can claim to be an expert and do good work. So why take our word for it? Read our customer testimonials and hear what they are saying about our expertise, quality and value. We like happy customers and are excited to share what they are saying. Let us make your next project a success, and we’ll add your testimonial right here, to our growing list of satisfied customers.

Gary has done a number of challenging projects for me. I was always delighted with the results and I recommend him highly. Gary is knowledgeable, experienced and meticulous. He communicates well and works hard to understand exactly what the client wants.

Gary’s work for me included (1) building leaves for an 18th century dining table, (2) refinishing a 17th century table and (3) refinishing a custom-made desk.

The most complex project was building leaves for an 18th century dining table. The table is made of a highly figured wood called plum pudding mahogany. Gary had to find wood that matched the table, build the leaves and refinish all the pieces so that they matched. The result is outstanding. Unless you look very closely, you can’t tell that the table is 200 years older than the leaves.

Another project involved refinishing a 17th century table. This table had great style but the finish hadn’t aged well. The wood looked muddy, dull and lifeless. After refinishing, the table has a richer color that greatly enhances its appearance.

Finally, Gary refinished a custom-made desk that had faded in the sun. This job was difficult because the desk had inlays of mother-of-pearl and accent woods. Once again, I am thrilled with the finished desk — it looks like new.

Chris San Diego August 19, 2016

I have the pleasure of writing this testimonial for Gary Bloom of Bloom Designs. He has re-sized an antique bed frame to accommodate a modern size mattress, hand gilt a set of dining room chairs, and designed and built a dining room table. All these projects he performed exquisitely. He is an artist of a caliber rarely seen today.

Carlotta C. San Diego August 2, 2016

Gary is truly a genius. Everything he’s created for me has been above and beyond my expectations. When I did a kitchen and bathroom remodel, his work was front & center as the most stunning pieces. I get many compliments on the giant cabinet he took from raw wood to a gorgeous farmhouse antique finish. To top it off, he’s even easy to work with!

Tracy M. San Diego August 2, 2016

I approached Bloom Design because I was looking for someone who would refinish my treasured furniture (formerly my parents furniture). While it was all “antique”, it’s sentimental value far exceeded its monetary value. It had years of love and memories that I wanted to preserve.

Gary Bloom came to my house and examined every piece of furniture. We talked about every piece and he listened to my stories. I thought a few pieces were unsalvageable, but he disagreed. We discussed how he would repair each damaged area, we discussed the visual outcome of each piece, and we discussed the time line for each piece. Before he left, Gary gave me an itemized price per piece. Our comfortable discussion gave me the ability to prioritize how/when the project would be complete.

The result was astonishing! Gary promised that the furniture would look better than when it was new….I had no idea how right he would be! I was so excited when the pieces came home that I invited friends over to admire the dining table and the bedroom furniture! I’ve since given him additional pieces and they have all come back amazingly beautiful.
I would recommend Bloom Design to anyone looking for quality craftsmanship. Gary takes pride in his work. He’s a passionate professional and you see it in his work.

S.C. San Diego August 2, 2016